"Where to Draw the Line"
Poster of the Show
Inga , Zane and Joel
Company of "Between the Lines"
Between The Lines
Music By Joel Marc Gerson Lyrics by Inga Marie & Joel Marc Gerson Choreographed by Inga Marie Gerson
Joe Brogan, Stephanie Card, Inga Marie Gerson, Zane Paris Gerson, Liz Griffith, Scott Hamilton, Caroline Levy, Rachel Liss, Diana Obradovich, Gabrielle Schacher, Andrea Steiner,
"Where to Draw the Line?"
Recording "This is Who I am"
Recording Session of "This is Who I am"
Composer/Songwriter : Joel Marc Gerson
Singer : Liz Griffith
Recording "Why Mother Part 1"
Recording session of Why Mother with Singers : Kerry Chad Albright, Michelle Morano, Marylynn Caruso
Mambo Italanio
The Machine
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