Year of production:2003

Running Time: 5:58 min

Color / Sound 

Music by Joel Marc Gerson

Story and Choreography Inga Marie Gerson

Cast: Suzy Norton- DiCerto, Carman Smith, Ashani Mfuko, Todd Shanks, and Inga Marie Gerson

    Mambo Italiano

Year of Production 2004

Running Time: 3:20 min


Written by Bob Merrill

Performed by Bette Midler


Choreographer Inga Marie Gerson



Suzy Norton-DiCerto

Sonny Menguito

Ayumi Uchilda

The Machine

Year of Production 2012

Running Time: 3:51 min

Color / Sound 


Music by Joel Marc Gerson

Choreography by Inga Marie Gerson


Dancers: Kiera Walsh, Kaycee Iorio, Heather Warbach, Anne-Allegra Bennett

Voices on Recording: Joel Marc Gerson, Inga Marie Gerson, Kimmie Brogan


When the Bully Machine takes it toll on a helpless girl and the nightmares begin..........

Between the Lines

Year of production:2011

Running Time: 4;47 min

Color / Sound 

  Music By Joel Marc Gerson            Lyrics by Inga Marie & Joel Marc Gerson  

                         Choreographed by Inga Marie Gerson


Joe Brogan, Stephanie Card, Inga Marie Gerson, Zane Paris Gerson, Liz Griffith, Scott Hamilton, Caroline Levy, Rachel Liss, Diana Obradovich, Gabrielle Schacher, Andrea Steiner, Bebe Tabickman, Heather Warbach


This piece has transformed from a chorus line story to that of the bullying from gossip that goes on today among children, teens, and even into adulthood.

The friendships we have and loose through life.   Reading between the lines to what can be true and what can be hurtful.  In this crazy world of so much pain and hurt inflicted by others trying to keep ones dignity in staying true to oneself.